Yesterday my daughter gave me this flower she picked from the park 💗 so, I thought it would look good in my bedside table.


It's been a long time from my last post in here. Somehow, this blog has been on my mind the whole time. I've been focusing on creating content on my main blog, alongside my Youtube channel and my podcast. Besides the fact that I have an actual job and I'm taking care of my family.... Continue Reading →


Toxicity, darkness and doubt, clouding every spot of the house. Would you do what's necessary? To keep all of them out? Questions remain unanswered, while tears are shed. Uncertainty is still living, on the tense air. This presence, this thoughts, do not belong in here... Oh my! How I wish it was easy, to just... Continue Reading →


I'll never have all the pieces, to really understand you, nevertheless you strive, to help us follow through. I'll never have an idea, of how your life was, still you manage every day to not be defined by your past. I'll never have enough words, to thank you everything you did. Without your love and... Continue Reading →

The Job

Solitary and honorable, sometimes misunderstood. The job of a single woman, million of thoughts to follow through. Some days the burden is heavier, the decisions wear her down. Despite of what's going round her, she tries to put a smile in her frown. Perhaps is so much easier, to put everyone else first. Keep going... Continue Reading →


Millions of pieces of myself scattered in this open space Am I so afraid? Am I willing to fail? Truth is I don't have expectations that's how I protect myself. Guarded in an iron bubble for the thousand times I've fell. Despite my intentions I keep going and share myself. This inspiration, This energy, This... Continue Reading →


With every year that passes a piece of the past shatters places you used to be no longer belong here. With every year that passes memories start trespassing begging not to be forgotten to forever live in this moment. With every year that passes the realization comes to mind: We are running out of time.... Continue Reading →

Abyss pt 2

UPDATE: I have a tattoo appointment on saturday, and didn't expect to get emotional about it. Didn't realize until now how important is going to be this tattoo. I already have two who represent my first daughter (who passed away 5 years ago), but this one speaks in another level... a very personal one. I... Continue Reading →


Is it cliché to say time quickly goes by? Five years have been, since we said goodbye. Sometimes it feels like a dream, so distant and unclear. Sometimes it feels like yesterday you were with me here. Though it may seem, like I'm a new person now. I'm stained, I'm flawed, from what happened before.... Continue Reading →

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