You can tell by the signs in the sky, when for the rest of people they just seem like clouds. You can tell by the singing of birds, when the rest of sounds pass on like a blur.   The times are changing, the world is in a ticking mode, Counting the days for the... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on minimalism

I wanted to take a small break, at least for today, and write about what I learned the past few months, and what I intend to do this new year. I haven't written exactly what happened to me, but if you have been following me for a while and have read what I have written,... Continue Reading →

In the woods

It rests in the woods, as far as no man has seen before. Where darkness fills the gaps, between life and beyond. It waits patiently, It watches your every move, it won't make you trip, but it can kill you with a simple look. Once there is a foot in, the spirit is awake. Trees... Continue Reading →


No one knew where he came from, no one knew why he cried. Always looking for a familiar face, always looking for a place to hide. Nevertheless he grew up, he found his own way, managed to survive with a circus, to not let his destiny fade. Moving from town to town, entertaining every kind... Continue Reading →

Coming soon!

I'm writing this short post just to tell that this year I'll be working on some new projects, two to be precise, that I'll be auto publishing: a poetry book and another with short stories. The poetry book will definitely be in English, the other one I'm still not sure in what language it will... Continue Reading →

To the shore

Like every other night, patiently he goes. Dragging his weary body, to sit near the shore. His old rain coat, and a plastic chair. Waiting for something, he can only understand. But this night is different, he could tell from the tide. "It's here" he whispered, his lips drew a smile. Now the water is... Continue Reading →


Maybe it's hope, Maybe it's just a spark, that lights every now and then, a little light in the dark.   Maybe it's a thought, maybe it's just more, that wild desire for living, a desire it wasn't there before.   Maybe I'm still tired, maybe I'm still lost, but the fight isn't over yet,... Continue Reading →


One step at a time, one punch at a time, the clock is ticking, Until I come alive.   With my feet on the ground, and my chest in flames, giving my brain the signal, to get back in the game.


Tell me how does it feel... to be on the other side of the road? To be someone else, to know what's beneath your soul. Everything is a blur, everything keeps moving too fast, while my surroundings grow big, I seem too small to pass. Every word, every breath, are too strong to fight back.... Continue Reading →

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