Disappointed with people, disappointed with life. What does it want from me? I don't even want to try. Why do people hurt? How am I supposed to go on? Why people are so mean? when they all act so cold. Forget it! I think I'll be fine, I'll pretend it's alright. I'll get out of... Continue Reading →



Words struggle to come out, everything is crumbling down. Pieces fall with no direction, all avoiding to be found. The collection is incomplete, the path is longer than it seems. One answer lies above another, displaying endless possibilities.      


It is always with me, always changing it's form. It is always greeting, everything that I've done. Sometimes acts as my friend, sometimes as a foe. Never mind it's intentions, I never let it go. It knows what I'm feeling, it knows what I've been through. It just sits there and watches me, without making... Continue Reading →


Am I seeing this right? The whole scene looks fake. Am I losing my mind? This is too much to bare. Every word is so heavy, lingering at my door. Every movement is unsteady... Why do I think is my fault? I'm just a presence a mere ghost, while I watch the car driving and... Continue Reading →


Everything keeps moving nothing ever stops. Move closer so you can see it a perfect illusion all around.   They say it's a journey until we found who we really are. They say we'll see it clearly that we will get very far. But they have never said what does that mean to our heart.... Continue Reading →


Trauma, flashbacks, back to when everything fell apart. Blood, tears, how did I turn this wrong? The climbing is not perfect, it gots twists and turns. When it all seems perfect, life manages to fucked it up. In the end it doesn't matter how many times I slip. My scars remind me how much I've... Continue Reading →


I wonder how it feels To be there upstairs How much do you know me? Are you lonely up there? So much is going on Struggle for faith is strong Among all these people Seems like you're already gone Your presence is hazy lost it's entire form But my body is still craving for a... Continue Reading →


Last week my grandmother passed away. While we were traveling to my hometown, I wrote this poem for her. I know it's a sad kind of way to start a new year here on the blog, but here it is.   How I long to be a child again To the time we were rich... Continue Reading →

Peace of Mind

Today I'm writing to say that I'm going on vacation mode the rest of the month 🙂 Don't worry, I'll be back on January with new content and poems. Now, here's the last poem of 2018:   Never been in this place, never had this amount of control. Feeling so much contradictions, my head wants... Continue Reading →

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