Thoughts like lions in disguise, innocent sheep lure me with their smile, hiding their teeth beneath their skin, expecting any moment for the kill.   Like an astronaut in a horror movie, I don’t belong to this place, There is danger in every corner, they must not recognize my face.   Years go by, and…


This place seems unrecognizable, it doesn’t look like it should be. Destruction and darkness everywhere, nothing seems to fit. Memories of a past life, stories the scars cannot hide, keep walking through that path, at the end you’ll see there is something bad: a hole in the ground, everything is black. Your feet still guide…


  Everybody’s got to be careful, steps go more than the eye can see, every little thought counts, a game as twisted as it can be. They shoot their bullets, sometimes they are words, they whisper some ideas, that make the skin crawl. There is danger everywhere, every step on the way… Wait! The scene…


Behind my eyelids, you’ll find the truth, waves of sadness, to follow through. My brain is not wired the same, sometimes I even forget my name.   Behind my eyelids, there’s a whole world, which I built word by word. Evil monsters may come and go, but among those there are unicorns.   Behind my…


Tic tac… tic tac… Ahí están presentes, a todo tu alrededor, esperando muy pacientes a la siguiente señal. A veces las reconoces, a veces no, sin embargo por más que lo intentes, no los puedes ahuyentar… Tic tac… tic tac… Una vez más te arrastran a la oscuridad, impidiendo que recobres un momento de sanidad….


Sometimes is green, sometimes is blue, Memories creeping in, reminding me of you, Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m there, But I can’t stand to be so far away.   Years came down to almost nothing, and nothing compares to what you did. That innocent child I once was, the one you certainly let them in….


I put these thoughts, guarded in a secret box, locked it, hide it, where I only know.   Shattered memories, Of what I once knew, Broken reminders, Of what we went through.   My box now is sealed, making more space to come, My heart is still broken, But it’s more close to home.  

Orange (pt.2)

Decided to make this every once in a while, visual poems 🙂


You went by unexpectedly, leaving me your stardust behind. You were my everything, you never left my mind.   That night I swore I’ll never be happy again, until I saw that sunset sky. That night with all those colors, that orange now is keeping me alive.   I’m starting now accepting it, trying to…


Tired of waiting, tired of trying, tried my best, gave what is left, still you have whole of me, still my anger refuses to leave.   Day by day I keep pushing it away, day by day… night by night, my desire for the end… No! There is got to be other way!   Slowly,…

I’ts all about the “likes”

I wanted to write something that’s been on my mind lately, something that’s been bothering me, and it’s something that I just realized: Everything nowadays revolves around the “likes”, and I mean EVERYTHING. Now people consider the “like” factor to be crucial to decide what to do, their meaning and their worth… I think that…


It was not what I imagined, it was not what I wanted to see, the scars in my body are proof of it.   Something  real, something to feel, fill this empty vessel, help me stay here.   Keep holding on to your ghost, avoiding to make it worst… Please, don’t let me be gone….