What would you do? if I wear my body from the inside out? Showing everything there is to see, exposing what is underneath. Would you be afraid? Would you really understand? To reveal what is behind the curtain, and nevertheless stay there. Words and never ending thoughts, all ready to be displayed. Would you still... Continue Reading →



I used to hate waking up, the struggle of facing the day again. As if breathing wasn't hard enough, it was painful not to see you there. I'm not going to lie, and say I'm completely fine. But somehow I found myself, after a really long time. I don't know if this is healing,  ... Continue Reading →


1, 2, 3... Snap a picture. 1, 2, 3... Strike a pose. For anyone to wait and see, Let your body exposed.   1, 2, 3... Inhale your insecurities. 1, 2, 3... Exhale your trust. Don't let those masks fool you, You are just part of the show.

The Board

Just watched the movie Veronica on Netflix, and I have to say it's been awhile that I haven't watched a good horror movie... until now. I loved it! Here's a poem inspired by the movie 🙂   A forbidden contact, a seductive game. Make the first move, if you want to play. Be gentle and... Continue Reading →

The Kill

Stuck on no man's land, with hell beneath his feet. Expelled from his heaven, now searching to kill. It came out of nowhere, it wasn't on plain sight. His veins hungry for truth, He's willing to take the fight. The loss is irreplaceable, The pain is unbearable, With nothing else to lose, he doesn't let... Continue Reading →


Sounds of betrayal, echoing on the far end of the phone. My mouth is silent, can't seem to function anymore.   Word by word, my reception has been pretty clear. Thought by thought, now you don't seem that much real.   Sounds of dismay, I'm too tired to keep up on you game. My heart... Continue Reading →

Small Things

It's the smaller things that count, that bring light to the darkest of days. Things that avoid the pain. Things that guide me in my way.   There are things that I found, that help moving the heaviest clouds. Things that bring me joy. Things that say everything is allowed.   There are things that... Continue Reading →


Reality has a lot of meanings, meanings that change between you and me. Reality has a lot of versions, versions we can never get to see. Fantasy has a space, a space in our head to fill the gaps. Fantasy is a tool, a tool to build a wall of lies. Nevertheless, both are necessary,... Continue Reading →


  Appearances might deceive, nobody would ever care to see. Mindless zombies walking around, like guided by an invisible puppeteer. Hidden messages wait at every corner, fabricated thoughts leading nowhere. Is this the life we ever dreamed of? Are we ever going to be enough? Screens always portraying lies, although they're glued on our eyes.... Continue Reading →

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