Abyss pt 2

UPDATE: I have a tattoo appointment on saturday, and didn't expect to get emotional about it. Didn't realize until now how important is going to be this tattoo. I already have two who represent my first daughter (who passed away 5 years ago), but this one speaks in another level... a very personal one. I... Continue Reading →


Is it cliché to say time quickly goes by? Five years have been, since we said goodbye. Sometimes it feels like a dream, so distant and unclear. Sometimes it feels like yesterday you were with me here. Though it may seem, like I'm a new person now. I'm stained, I'm flawed, from what happened before.... Continue Reading →


I burned my bridges, so I don't go back I burned all of them, all to the ground. What is the point, of looking at that direction? While I'm searching for meaning, purpose and affection. I burned those bridges, so you don't follow me. Don't mind my bruises, I'll keep using my feet.


The sea, the water, those elements were a sign. A sign of the times, which tell what was right. The time for decisions, it wasn't yet aligned. Somehow she knew, she was on the right path. He was always watching her, despite she didn't want to see. Nevertheless He appear on the water, telling her... Continue Reading →

Run away

With every step, I'm scaring them away, with every step, each of them fades. Despite the pain, despite I'm tired, I gotta keep going, don't want them to follow.


I'm on the outside exploring my beat not missing my chances despite the extreme heat. I'm on the outside I think they are gone... the voices in my head finally left me alone.


I came to a new place, blank and fresh. I came to a new state, turned the page. The rearview mirror, is so useless now. Got that new horizon, she teaches me how: How to keep my sanity, guard these little hearts. Now I know is possible, survival is my new art.

The raindrops in my head, the thunder in my heart, the never ending storm, welcomes me back to the dark.


Never realized, never thought, until I became a mother what's a woman's worth. Always fighting, always loving, despite the struggles, she keeps on going. All the roles, all the expectations, don't mind the others, she's born courageous.

This job…

Overwhelming, defiant, tiring and hard. Filling, graceful, loving and kind. This job I've taken, the roles expected, despite the judgement, I wont get affected. Doesn't matter how easier or harder it gets, I promise myself I will always give my best.

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