Dragging my whole body, through all this years. Trying to be at the surface, in that vast sea of tears. Somehow I didn't drown, yet I'm still far from land. The despair has disappeared, with your light on my hands.  



Lately my posting schedule has been all over the place. I think this new poem will explain what's been going on. Hopefully this week I'll be getting back on track. ... Not a single day passes by, like tidal waves on my brain. The memories coming back, your presence pouring like rain. But something changed... Continue Reading →


I may be small, but my mind is big. A wanderer of dreams, conqueror of will. I may be small, but my body is gold. With the gift of giving and a warrior soul. I may be small, and you don't define my quest. There is so much more to fight, and you haven't seen... Continue Reading →


Bones keep shaking, the soul is on fire. Don't mind me taking this song for miles. A familiar tune, with the same words. Shouldn't believe it, my head explodes. When doubt is present, let it fill my cup. So I know for certain, it is not my fault.  


It's been a long way down, through this unknown road. Can't see what's beyond the horizon, can't see what's the whole point. Doesn't matter if the backpack is empty, or filled with useful thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is one moment, to realize the worth of holding on...

What comes to mind is... what exactly do you want to publish? is it our duty to share every single moment of our lives? or is it the simple wish of not doing it a rebellius act?


Stuck between two places, can't feel the rhythm anymore. Analyzing empty spaces, the connection between right and wrong. With one feet behind me, and the other in front. Keeps pulling in both directions, tearing every gut apart. Revealing those deepest thoughts, no one dared to see. Revealing those guarded secrets, that finally got freed.  

"What exactly do I want for my life? Truth is I don’t want it to be like everybody else, just wandering around numb with a screen in front of me, doing what I’m told. I want more… But at the same time, I imagine so many possibilities for myself that I get overwhelmed. I do... Continue Reading →


Millions of paths unravel before me, of millions of lives I could take. Millions of interpretations of reality, of million answers I could bare.   What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go? Do I have the strength to keep going? Or do I just go with the flow?   Millions... Continue Reading →

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