Tell me how does it feel... to be on the other side of the road? To be someone else, to know what's beneath your soul. Everything is a blur, everything keeps moving too fast, while my surroundings grow big, I seem too small to pass. Every word, every breath, are too strong to fight back.... Continue Reading →



Surrounding this emptiness, is the deadliest silence. Unspeakable words, can't cross this pathway. Nothing else can burst this bubble, maybe only that one desire: To be somewhere else, to be someone else. Walking in those city streets, or among big old trees, to feed this insatiable soul, to fill the void within me. Nothing can... Continue Reading →

Blacker than black

All weekend there was something in my head, a song to be precise of Twenty One Pilots. There is a song in their first album called "Fall Away", which part of the rap was already used in an early version of the song, written by Tyler Joseph called "Drown". Anyway, it seems that the rap... Continue Reading →

Red shadows

In the darkness it hides, waiting for someone to arrive. It lives beneath your feet, watch out and don't fall asleep.   It comes out when you least expect it, it's freed by your inner thoughts, your weakness and demons, are there to give it a call.   Your heavy dreams are waiting, for one... Continue Reading →


The blur of a past emotion, making circles in his head. The thought of wanting more, but never really feeling there.   It's the game he plays, every single night. Lights and movement, emptiness intertwined.   Liquid courage down the throat, a meltdown just above... He keeps dying every night, and he doesn't care anymore.... Continue Reading →


You feel it in your bones, somehow you knew all along... It follows through your madness, it has taken your soul. Somedays is clear as water, somedays are stormy weather, the evil within grasping for air, and you always try to hide away. But tonight is different, tonight memories are lost... Who's blood is in... Continue Reading →


People come and go, millions of stories never told. Don't blink or you'll miss it, is hard to see, you won't believe it.   Take a moment and listen, when they're ready they will tell.   People come and go, sometimes you just know... behind a face lies a life, but it's not your duty... Continue Reading →


Beneath the smiles and lies, in the basement he lies, she is cold as ice, he didn't have a chance. Beneath the dirt and stones, laid his tortured bones, she called him her own, but he didn't love her anymore.

The Middle

Somewhere it felt stuck, stuck in a place where time is frozen. Somehow the time still passed... Never mind, nothing was forgotten.   Everything is hazy, caught up between a million thoughts. Memories of a past life behind, dreams for a new one to come...   Laying in the middle, Looking at both sides. The... Continue Reading →

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