Catching up my breath, exhaling what's underneath, feeling myself a little lighter, marching to my own beat. Music comes and goes, but silence is never feared, it just means for one moment, I'm regaining my speed. Perhaps my glass is full, I'm getting a positive view, truth is it doesn't get any easier, I just... Continue Reading →



What do you want from me? Where am I supposed to go? Tired of waiting for any signal, to see what door I have to knock. "Patience is the key" they say, "Just stop and rest some more" What if I don't want to lay back? What if I want to see what is beyond...


A blank space, a white stare, with just one look, you gave it all away. Let the curtain roll, my show has ended, don't mind these bullets, hope you won't get offended. Your attention was limited, my time unappreciated. But this time I mean it: I'm coming back resurrected.    


A never ending cycle, that has gone for too long. Never mind the bruises, we are used to feeling lost. In here nothing really happens, people just come and go. Other times is too much madness, but we can't say we had enough. The puppeteer's presence is erratic, our fate now is unknown. Still we... Continue Reading →


All of her life, she has been exploring, every corner of her mind, trying not to be ignoring, those little things everyday, that remind her to breathe, expecting the unexpected, being the best she can be.   She has been through storms, she has met the clouds, despite everything she formed a golden armor to... Continue Reading →


Truth is I don't know what to write, perhaps the light is gone. Truth is I'm not going to lie, I am far from being done. Every day I remind myself, to make everything count. I may not know my purpose, but there is more light to be found.      


Today I'm taking time to say how personal I think it is to write poetry, contrary to any other form of writing (on literature of course). Maybe we find books on the right time, books where we fall in love with the characters and their voices; but I think, when it comes to poetry, there... Continue Reading →


Hold on again to these words, it's accelerated the train of thoughts. One by one they're going through, building an old battle I have fought.   Replaying images in my brain, Reimagining what the future holds. One by one they're going through, please ask each of them to stop.  


Sometimes I am too big, sometimes I am too small. Sometimes I don't fit in my skin, sometimes I have to climb the wall.   Other times I'm floating in madness, other times I'm lost in the woods. Other times I'm filled with sadness, other times I do things I never could.   All the... Continue Reading →

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