Water... It always starts with water. The dreaming every night. Keeps pushing me farther. Time... It stops and slows down. Making me dizzy. Spinning round and round. You... It starts and finishes with you. Can decipher this dreams, the only way out is through.



  She has gone through fire, slowly fixed her broken heart. She has gone through fire, nothing is going to tear it apart. She has gone through fire, she has finally see: the fire was not meant to be feared.      


Scars on my body are beginning to peal, leaving a thicker skin than it was before. Maybe I don't have anything else to fear, everything hurtful has already been done. The sunlight has triggered a warning, a signal I've been waiting for so long. Announcing with his warm shinning, a hopeful message is soon to... Continue Reading →

Take the lead

You said it happened for a reason, a reason I still cannot see. But once the time started passing, my wounds began to heal. It  was long and dark road, to get through the light. I'm not completely there, but I do believe I'm fine. During all this time I keep asking, screaming to this... Continue Reading →


I may not remember so much, in fact, I never knew her name. All it took was thirty seconds, to know her heart was never tamed. Absently minded there she stood, diving her thoughts in an old book. Dancing along was her hair, that combined with the fire in her soul. Red, orange, yellow tresses,... Continue Reading →


Something in the way you move, the way you play with your hair. Makes my damn brain cells explode, makes me want to come out and play. Nevertheless I stop myself, keep pretending everything's cool. What if anybody notices? What if I look like a fool?   Millions of questions, but one answer for sure:... Continue Reading →


You are always in my heart, I'm wearing it on my sleeve. You are never miles apart, even when I go to sleep. Not a single day passes by, without your lovely thought. Even though you're not here anymore, I still remember everything we fought. You are always on my mind, in every single thing... Continue Reading →


What would you do? if I wear my body from the inside out? Showing everything there is to see, exposing what is underneath. Would you be afraid? Would you really understand? To reveal what is behind the curtain, and nevertheless stay there. Words and never ending thoughts, all ready to be displayed. Would you still... Continue Reading →


I used to hate waking up, the struggle of facing the day again. As if breathing wasn't hard enough, it was painful not to see you there. I'm not going to lie, and say I'm completely fine. But somehow I found myself, after a really long time. I don't know if this is healing,  ... Continue Reading →

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