Mind over matter, pain above pain. Have to get over this, fight what remains. I try to catch my breath, every step I take. Clean the blood and the sweat, and start all over again.  



  I'm darkness, I'm light, I'm everything you've left behind. I'm wrong, I'm right, all contradictions intertwine. I'm lost, I'm found, part of nowhere around. I'm here, I'm far, stay away of my town.


    Today I may be different, today it's still in my insides. Today I still miss you, today I'm still on the fight.   Tomorrow won't be the same, tomorrow has the final truth. Tomorrow may have the answer, tomorrow I'll follow through.  


I've been building, I've been sowing, this little guide to stop me from falling.   I've been keeping, I've been tracking, this hidden tools to keep away the haunting.   I've been trying, I've been willing, to not just survive, to live to my hearts own beating.    

The Hole

I fell right back in the hole, but managed to get back out alive. Never expected it to happen, guess my mind was always right. Thought this path was a straight line, that somehow I would make it to the end. Please ignore how naive I was, now my backbone is used to being bend.... Continue Reading →

Prove me wrong

There is a discussion in my head, but I think you already know. All the unpleasant thoughts, the scars and burden that I own. There is a fight, between my heart and my brain, and I'm still not sure... if everything we've been through was in vain?   It's not possible for me to tell,... Continue Reading →


  Take a step ahead, let them know you're there. Take a step back, they'll know you won't get far. Make mistakes, without fear, without regrets. Make a vow, to learn, to never back down.  


Covered in ashes, I'm finally reborn... Filled with the universal dust.   Covered in kisses, the sun whispers... "Welcome to your new home".  


Water... It always starts with water. The dreaming every night. Keeps pushing me farther. Time... It stops and slows down. Making me dizzy. Spinning round and round. You... It starts and finishes with you. Can decipher this dreams, the only way out is through.

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