echo of words

i’ve been locked inside this 4 walls for a long time
the white paint sorrounding me is driving me nuts
why i am here? what did i do wrong?
i can’t remember what happened
all i see is blood
everything is so stupid
it doesn’t make sense at all
i’m not that naive u know
i have a mind of my own
just open the door
and my friends will come along
when i’m with them i don’t feel alone
can’t take it anymore
my head hurts
i wish all the voices would shut up
they keep saying
kill that girl kill that girl
when is it gonna end?
the truth is i dont know
hey what’s happening? why all the white is gone?
now the white room i knew it’s gettin darker and darker, colder and colder
my veins are empty
my heart stopped
what is this?
i dont care
it feels good
filled with madness here i lie
i think the nightmare has finished
insignificant was my life
but somehow i’ll manage to survive
the demons inside me already left
the voices too
so i’m here alone
waitin for someone to come….


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