echo of words

Swimming in the back of my mind

Something wasn’t right

All the thoughts were gone

No lights were shown

This river of ideas

Stupid butterflies

Creativity just flows

I keep going down

Don’t know what to do

My brain just keeps falling apart

In tiny colorful pieces

Would you come here?

And stay the next day?

Waiting for something to come

Embrace the state of mind

Loneliness is my home

There is no fight

Rewind to sanity


There is no place to stay

When I still hear the voices in my head

Ill just keep wandering this place

Until I discover the way out

If I don’t find it

Maybe im supposed to be there


3 thoughts on “Insanity

Add yours

  1. I just started a blog for my writing, too. Your poetry is similar to some of my own, which I haven’t posted yet. I like it. For most, it is too macabre. Glad I came across your post.

  2. So loneliness and creativity seem often to exist together. I’m always trying to figure out what it is about SOME creative people (myself included) that makes them so unlovable to others (and I’m certainly not saying that this is true of you).

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