echo of words

Breathing silence

Slowly hiding away

Be careful, don’t get too close

Or you’ll be easy to get

This place was never here

There are things I can not recognize

Burning and destruction

There is nothing left behind

No signal of humanity

Just savage beasts

Lost in oblivion

Just darkness ahead

Suddenly I hear a crack

Now I’m on spot

“They’ll be here any moment”

My heart just stopped

Before I could turn

I felt this warm thing on my arm

This scarlet liquid

Couldn’t be, didn’t know how

Growling and moans

Those creatures were here

Before I knew it

They were above me

Eating me, drinking me

Ripping off my flesh

This couldn’t be happening

I was savoring dead

When it all went black

I saw the light

“It was all a bad dream”

I said to myself

Back in that room

I’ve known for years

Ignoring what was happening

Outside my brain

Looking through the window

Made me wake up

Kept telling to myself

“I’m still dreaming”

And the images were still there

Fire, mayhem, pain and blood

The system was out of control

The nightmare just begun.


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