People in my brain

(Yeah it seems that it’s been a “productive” night so here comes another one)

million people living

in my fucking brain

thats what im used to feel

since the memories started to spill


this dr jeckyll and mr hyde

some duality i cannot deny

one minute im up

another im down


the whispering, the sounds,

the voices wont stop

guess my body is goint to explode

cant figure it out


i doubt about my sanity

dont know who i am

mixed with to many identities

all i know is i don’t want to fight


it been a long time

i get it now

its all been a fucking dream

all that people around me

i made them up

just a fucking excuse

to hurt myself


so here i’ll stay

with all the people i am

they will confort me

they will help me out


please let me stay

while we watch you go away!



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