They say…

They say people are complicated, people don’t change, people are…simply unpredictable. There was a time where I thought I had a kinda of love-hate friendship, almost like the ones you had in kindergarden. You had so much fun when you were with that person but, as suddenly you saw him talking with someone else you felt jealous. Jealous! I know it may sound stupid, but i tend to feel more jealousy between friends than in a relationship with a significant other. Never could explain that, and I think I never will.

Now more than ever I’m certain that life is wise, and works in so mysterious ways that the only way to understand it is when you actually get older,  and overcome the most difficult things in life. Of course, I’m barely on my twenties, but I’m glad to say that life finally is letting the right people come into my life. It’s evolution. In order to survive you need to get rid of the things you don’t need.

They say…

I don’t care what they say anymore. I’m taking charge in here. Move away. Let’s get this shit done and go straight to our destiny.

I don’t care what they say I will need. I already got it.

I SAY everything’s fine.


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