She couldn’t believe it

But didn’t bother to try

Her body aches

Her soul feels heavier than before

The stains, the bruises

Were still there

Somehow it was fair


It was already sealed

Her bubble was complete

for the first time in her life

She didn’t give a fuck


She tried to shed a tear

It was hopeless

Impossible to fear

The cause wasn’t clear

The effect was boiling in her blood

There she was in the shower washing away those thoughts


But the water wasn’t able

to erase what had happened to her



23 years

as she was sitting in fetal position lying on the floor



When did it all changed?

The water could not answer that

not even herself


All she knew was that

the only way out

was the most simple yet complicated trick:


Put on the mask

pretend everyone’s home

and hide the fact

That all she wants to do is being alone.


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