A little break

So I think I still have like 5 minutes of my lunch time, so I felt like writting something in this kind of journal thing.

As Pink Floyd is playing on my ipod, I keep thinking, keep analyzing those sudden thoughts appearing on my mind. Somehow, something is telling me to do more than what I’m doing right now. The more I realize that I don’t know that much, the more I want to absorb every single particle in the world. I want to read, see everything. But, when is it going to happen?

Sometimes, my other self (yeah, I think I have some sort of other entity inside me) tells me that I got to change  now. Start to make myself stand out from the crowd. To raise my voice. To do everything that I wanted to do in the past, but was so scared that didn’t had the courage to do them. (By the way, that gave me a great idea to write about… maybe a short story 🙂 )

I don’t know. Maybe this are just random thoughts bouncing on my head trying to go out. Or maybe my other self is right.



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