I’m not going to write some self-improvement essay about life and how I’m living “the dream”. Yeah, for a time I used to read a bunch of articles and sites about this specific subject. It’s not that I’m against it or any other way to evolve, to be a better person, is just that I’m sick of letting other people, people that I don’t know, take control of my life and tell me how to deal with it and “get better”.

The point of this is telling you, if you are taking time to read this post on my blog, that there is nothing wrong on changing. If everyone, everything would be the same, then the world would be a VERY boring place, trust me.

Maybe I’m too influenced on Tyler Durden’s philosophy of life, but in a certain way, there is a lot of crude reality on it. I mean, it is true that society is always judging us depending on how we look, what we do, our possessions. The only thing left to do is to “wear” a mask everyday, reinvent ourselves, letting them think we are in a certain way, when we actually are the opposite. Honestly, I think that people who do this kind of thing, are hypocrites.

That is why I believe that the magical word is: CHANGE. Change our perspective. It is the combination of different factors (what you want vs what impression you want to leave on people) and mostly, to externalize your inner self.

In some way, I’ve learned all of this. Truth be told, I don’t think there is anything wrong on moving on and leave all those patterns and labels behind. It is not about you are “betraying” your old beliefs, but if I see some forty year old women wearing army pants, converse tennis shoes, a black shirt, a spikes bracelet and a bunch of eye makeup… then, I would be VERY worried.


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