Our purpose

Life. Just a simple but yet complicated word. I know that the purpose of this blog is to “publish” my thoughts on the web, but I don’t care how my writting may sound to others. I try to think that no matter what I say or what I write, I can’t change people’s thoughts on whatever subject it may be. Sometimes I like to think that my writting could inspire someone. I guess everyone in the world has these kind of thoughts. Revolutionary thoughts that may change history or, maybe in the worst case, just stayed in silence, forgotten.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately (and even if this may seem like a journal) that we are not supposed to analyze life, more than usual. For me, if someone just kept overthinking about the purpose of life, he would get crazy in a short period of time.

This is not the case.

Tonight I felt like writting what’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks, maybe months, and that is:

How do we exactly define the degree, the percentage of how much are we living?

When can I say that I’ve lived a substancial and meaningful life?

The answer for these kinds of questions can be very different depending of the point of view, culture, age, country… even gender.

I am barely 23 years old, almost 24 next month, but still this is a question that wanders in my mind every single day. It seems that with every minute, day and month passing by, I can not help but wonder, where do I see myself in the next year? or perhaps 5 years later? Am I living what I’m supposed to live?

As I was talking about this specific subject with my mother, she told me something that I was totally agree: “The amount of living depends on what you’ve been through. If someone your age has an alcoholic father, an absent mother and has 2 jobs to maintain their family, then, they must have lived a lot.”

Of course, we don’t have to be so severe and extreme to ourselves. In some way, I think that life, God, or whoever you believe in, guides our way. There are things that we don’t necessary have to live, and the truly ones that leaves us lessons, are gonna cross our path someday.


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