Spiritual War

These last couple of days I’ve finished reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, and I gotta say that it definitely surprised me the way Palahniuk writes and the total feeling of the book. If you compare the book with David Fincher’s adaptation you would see the same concept, the same feeling applies to both. It is the first book I read from Palahniuk, and already consider him part of my ultimate favorite writters.

Anyway, I find very appropriate to put this title to the post, regarding some late events happening in my country (Guatemala). Right now we are facing a spiritual war, that is not only related to consumerism or any other subject in that matter. This is related to the person we are within.

Yes. Is true. When it comes to politics people tend to have a very fucked up point of view of reality. It becomes almost a competition, to see who’s opinion is “better”, how to convince others that you are “right” and they are “wrong”. (Speaking in general, I’m not saying everyone thinks or acts this particular way).

In this country, everyone makes a trend about everything. This particular trend about making Facebook Events or Fanpages to “make a change” annoys me so much. The fact that you get together with a bunch of people in front any important building, wearing white t-shirts and huge posters is not going to make any difference at all. This spiritual war is specifically about these people. This country is not going to change just because some random person decided one day to put protest posters on every political propaganda muppie or billboard. Every single person, no matter what they had gone through is selfish. If someone offers them a better life, better opportunities, then they are making easier their decision of who are they going to vote. They only do things to their own and not everyone’s benefit.

This selfishness has become into some kind of fear. We only care about ourselves and the people we love. We feel safe that no one we love was in that bus that exploited,  we feel safe that the car in front of us was assaulted instead of ours. Everyone is isolating, going inside their cave and going out only when necessary.

No one can do anything about it. You can vote for anyone, or against anyone you want. At the end, is only up to people who has the money and power to do whatever they want, or maybe fate. Nevertheless, I am totally aware that change is difficult, specially coming from large masses of people.

A spiritual war.


Maybe a got an utopia in mind. Maybe all we need is a disaster. Resurrection. Go back to the start.

Power. Ambition. Money. Possessions? Is that what we really need?

At this moment I can barely identify what this country needs. Not even myself.

Every single day we face the fear of being assaulted or get shot. It should be the other way.

Fear is the answer. Fear is the only feeling that keeps us from doing the things we want to do, and with fear comes death. If someone managed to get killed all this fucking people, then… we got something.


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