The dark time analysis of a broken life

As the thoughts flow silently in her mind and, the rain drops keep burning her soul with their sound, she couldn’t move from where she was. Laying in her bed, staring at the emptiness, wondering what could have happened, who would have been if the circumstances where different.

The room had a dim light, but the window was open, as if she was waiting for Peter Pan to come and take her to Neverland. Yeah, that would be great, she thought, to leave this place and never come back. No matter how many times she tried, it always seemed she never tried enough. It always seemed that the situation won’t get better, just…worse.

Slowly, her breathing was barely visible. To be precise, the whole scene may describe an usual night on her bedroom at home. But, if we look closely, at the right side of the bed on the floor was an empty bottle. No pills inside.

It was pointless, she thought, but I couldn’t help it.

It was a mixture of feelings. Something she couldn’t describe.

Nights spent alone. Wasted time. Meaningless conversations. Faking interest.                                                                                   That “prison” she sometimes called home. ..                                                                                                                                                         Their attitude.

She couldn’t tell how much time had passed. Lost in an eternal moment of oblivion. Somehow, she was remembering every single detail of her childhood. Suddenly, a tear was running through her cheek.

A moment of despair. She wanted to scream, to stand up and get out of her room.

She tried to move, but her body felt too heavy. Moving a finger was such an exorbitant task. The message, the lesson was on her mind, but she was afraid of the light…

Mom! Dad! I forgive you! Please! Make the pain go away!



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