Back. Forth. Back and forth. The whole scene looked upside down from the position she was sitting in the swing. Suddenly she felt sick and stopped. Her whole head was spinning. For a moment she thought all sounds stopped. Finally. She was free.

“Not for long”

Again. It started again. She never knew why, but since her parents’ dead, she had this… let say “habit” of talking to herself in third person, as if someone else was living inside her body. Maybe you are thinking that his so called “habit” is something that everyone has.

But this was different.

This so called “voice” was something, or someone, that always had an answer to everything. something she could not control. Sometimes, this “voice” could only be heard by her, sometimes, it came out. It did not matter what she did or did not do, it never disappeared.

“Time to go”

Some minutes later, she was organizing her bag, books, wallet, everything she needed to go to college. It was too awkward to tell anybody about what is inside her head, so she just limited herself talking to a very few people. Like a shield, she was protecting herself of the eyes of judgmental people, perhaps, protecting the voice. This, and some other reasons like living nearby, kept her of living in the dorms.

“What’s wrong with you? You know you can’t hide anymore”

As anyone could have expected, the fact of having a couple of friends did not benefit her at all when it comes to angry professors. She was 15 minutes late for her first class.

“Let me out!”

On her way, she became nervous. For whatever reason, the “voice” was speaking out loud more than usual.

“You can’t deny it, you know you want to”

If you looked from outside, this scene would look pretty normal. Inside the car, she was restless, hopeless.

“Imagine the possibilities!”

This fight was exhausting her. -SHUT THE FUCK UP!- She screamed hysterically.


This “voice” was developing her its own sound, its own identity. She even, at some point of the discussion, perceived that her voice sounded a bit different when it answered her.

“Sorry! MY TURN NOW!”

Everything faded into blackness.

Consciousness arrived.

All seemed hazy. Drowsy. She felt the cold pavement. Her eyes felt heavy, but after some minutes, finally she slowly began to move.

Her eyes opened wide. Shocked. This scenery was different. She was no longer in the car, she was in one of the classrooms.


Shivering in fear. She realized she was holding a gun.






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