Such a pretty little angel that is how I met her

Sometimes a daredevil, you could sense that fire inside

That followed a warm heart

A clever mind,

Something told me she had it alright.


Years passed by,

I did not know the war inside her body

A drunken absence

Unfortunate events

Something told me she lost the fight


I just watched, stayed and listen

Like a loyal dog

While she wasted the rest she had

In misery, streets and drugs

Something told me nothing was alright


Where are you my dear friend?

Are you still the person I knew before?

Why are you feeling alone?

Why you don’t want to come home?

Guess something is telling me you do not want to return


Months passed by,

Finally she gave sign

“I’m coming home”

A sense of worry and joy

But something tells me you won’t stay here for long


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