(So, I sent this poem in the morning to this contest; which in their first part, they are asking writers to send their work, with the one condition that has to be maximum 2 pages long and has to have great visuals.  In the second part, they choose the best writings and give them to graphic designers to use them as a base for their design. It sounds very dynamic, so let’s see what happens 🙂 )

Sinking into sweet memories

Lying in this comfortable cloud

Watching everything upstairs

When I decided to come down


In the blink of an eye

I realize I can fly

Swirling among the birds

Into the deep blue sky


Suddenly I feel heavier

My body dives into the sea

Whales, dolphins and mermaids

Lead the way beside me


Then everything starts shaking

A far cry interrupts my way

The scene abruptly fades

Nevertheless, none of it was fake.


I switch back to reality

Keep staring at the empty space

Reassuring everything I dreamt

I get up with a smile on my face


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