The end of the beginning

So, here I have a few words about the recent events in my dear country Guatemala:

We are fucked up. The uncertainty of the future, of not knowing if these near changes are going to help or just worse the whole situation has everybody on their nerves. I don’t blame them. What happened today, these almost earthquakes, made me think a lot about this specific topic: Is this country ever going to improve? Or is it just a downward spiral?

Maybe I am VERY obsessed and into the Tyler Durden’s philosophy and state of mind, but something is true about what he says:

Is only after disaster that we can be resurrected.

This is the way I see it. We have to hit bottom in order to know what we want, what we want to be.

It is not only about our destination as a country. But the most important thing I never keep off my sight is death. If the world as we know it ends tomorrow….

 What is the one thing I would definitely regret if I don’t do it today?

Everytime I answer this question to myself, I get the drive I need.

Everytime someone can’t answer me this question… Well… you finish that sentence.


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