It’s in human nature to be social, to wish to belong to something greater than their monotone life. It is normal to need at some point the approval of our peers. Popularity. Success. Money. Whatever life has taught us to believe that we need. It all seems that some people get it and some don’t, the fact that we actually have to work, I mean work hard, to get what we think we want. Sadly, some people are lazy. They think that by just waiting at "the right place" they are going to get what they dream. But they don’t. Others make everyone believe they are actually living the dream, but instead they end up living in their own bubble, not aware of what happens around them. And there, after this group, is the minority: the restless. The people that don’t stop doing, failing, working, calling, waiting, fighting, crying, thinking and analizing. The people who is always there, even when they seem invisible or lonely.

It’s in human nature to be social. Regardless of what kind of person you are from the above, you are always going to need someone to listen to, someone to share your day, someone to help. Keep in mind that, even though life can be pretty overwhelming at times, you are going to be in someone else’s mind. So, keep the energy flowing, correspond, do something about it. You don’t need any kind of reminders to keep in touch with old friends or family. You don’t need any kind of reminders to remind yourself you are human. There is no one else to blame. Stop waiting for others to do things for you, and do them yourself. There is plenty of time for mistakes, but none for regrets.


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