Running among the crowd, looking down and avoiding eye contact. Not giving anyone a chance, a single glance. But at the slightest mistake, he tumbles down, finally aware of the whole scene. Everyone is watching, waiting eagerly for his next move. Laying there on the cold floor, he realizes there is no escape. Their eyes turn red, revealing their true self. Without hesitating, he covers himself as fast as he can, while everyone starts throwing rocks, arrows, whatever they can reach to hurt him.

And it didn’t go away.

It didn’t go away.

They weren’t supposed to be there. Nevertheless, it seemed they could appear without an invitation.

After what if felt like an eternity, they suddenly stopped. Surprised by what happened, he got into his feet quiet well. The pain, the bruises, the blood he felt running on his back were gone. He turned around to get away only to encounter one of the demons left, punching him back to reality.

Without a warning the pain came back again.


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