This place seems unrecognizable,

it doesn’t look like it should be.

Destruction and darkness everywhere,

nothing seems to fit.

Memories of a past life,

stories the scars cannot hide,

keep walking through that path,

at the end you’ll see there is something bad:

a hole in the ground,

everything is black.

Your feet still guide you there,

until they touch the cold edge.

Where is the rest?

What was here?

Emptiness fills the air,

the heart beats with fear.

There is nothing else to do,

but to look down to the pitch back hole,

keep looking at it,

until it makes you feel whole.

Temptation is in the veins,

to jump and end it all,

but no matter what happens,

the brain won’t let you fall.

Your world may have collapsed,

everything may have changed,

but keep looking at the hole,

until it’s no longer strange.

Stare into the abyss,

to the demons that hold the door,

lure them and yell:

you can’t control me anymore!



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