Fated, Fateful, Fatal

I couldn't hide my excitement when I knew there was going to be a series for The Punisher on Netflix. Beforehand, I managed to look up more information about the comics and the order to read them. I read Year One and Circle of Blood... and I have to say that slowly I was kind... Continue Reading →



I wish I had wings, to fly away of this numb life. I wish I had wings, to cover myself in disguise. I wish I had wings, to see the ocean below my feet, I wish I had wings, to stop my eyes to water bleed.   I wish I had wings, so I would... Continue Reading →

You matter

(Today, unexpectedly, has been a bit emotional for me. I wrote the last poem, and afterwards I needed to just spill what was on my mind. For a moment I thought to just save this as a draft, but then I decided to publish it and see how it goes. If you have any comments... Continue Reading →


I am not where I'm supposed to be, and that's a fact. This land is so unknown, I don't even got a map. I'm searching everywhere, grasping for some air. I'm capable of so much more, than what my appearance tells. I don't know how much time has passed, maybe more than I would realize.... Continue Reading →


Came back to that house, came back to that old room. Got that perfect sound, to mix and follow through. My feet guided me, to that dark and special place, I sat on the floor... Yes... I used to be here before. The wooden floor smells awful, there is dust everywhere. But every single particle... Continue Reading →


Lightning and thunder, reveal the truth, the shadow of my thoughts, how to live trough. The landscape has changed, not everything is the same, the horizon is finally visible, already gave me a new name. Lightning and thunder, please tell me my place, illuminate the secret pathway, and don't forget my face.    


Keep your head high, and a full heart, avoid the old demons, to tear you apart. The pieces are still there, waiting to fill the puzzle, Anyway you know the final image, that place you know you have to follow. Every morning you put another piece, hoping it's closer to be complete. Every night it... Continue Reading →


What if I never want to fall asleep again? What if I want be awaken forever? What if I don't want to stay in one place? What if I want to change for the better?   My eyes have been watering lately. My legs are getting tired. My arms are craving for kindness. My soul... Continue Reading →


Puzzles disguised in letters, letters sent to the world. Sent in pretty random packages, packages carrying a bomb. Sometimes it didn't make sense: What's his purpose? Why this way? How come an intelligent mind, could function in a twisted way? Creating a path of fear and death, a path that had to be stopped. As... Continue Reading →

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