Dream of conquering the world, While still feeling small. Taking every step of the way, until I feel whole. Dreaming of dreams, as far as the soul can see. Dreaming of you, of when all of us get free.



Sometimes I wonder, what is like to be OK. Don't let this fog come over me, come what may. Already know this place, filled with pain and disgrace, yet their ghosts keep coming, dragging me down and falling. Sometimes I wonder, what is like to be OK... Laying in this darkened prison, trying not to... Continue Reading →

Sylvia Plath’s words

Actually, I've only read a few poems of Sylvia Plath, even quotes, to admit myself that I'm a fan of her work. But, since I knew about her, there was something that caught my attention; maybe the fact that she was a tortured soul, maybe their words resonated because they felt like my own. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

So much of nothing

I'm numb, yet I feel everything. I'm empty, yet I'm full of so many desires. I want everything and nothing, all at the same time. Keep me from thinking, leave this horrible world behind.  

The older I get

Never cared to fit in, always danced to my own beat, but the older I get, they stumble more on my feet.   The times are not the same, somewhat I haven't changed, but the older I get, they tell me more that I'm strange.   Everyone is on a different world, absently minded on... Continue Reading →


Guess what it had to be said, was said, guess what happened is already done. Silence has never been this loud, unspoken ghosts haven't come around. Too many time has passed, the recovery has been really hard, nevertheless the heart survived, moved on and changed paths.   Silence is surrounding every step, mutes the monsters... Continue Reading →


There are so many things you want to tell, but you stay silent instead, afraid of what they could think or say, locked your thoughts in your head.   Sometimes is easy, sometimes is not, to hide that impulse, avoid the show. Sometimes is white, sometimes is black, they wouldn't understand, you just know.  ... Continue Reading →


(Inspired by one of my favorite movies... Be my guest, and try to guess :p ) You practice along, to every single word, you talk to yourself, and move along. Pretending you're the king of the world, everyone always do what you told. But somewhere in the back of your mind, the seed has grown, it's... Continue Reading →


Believe the realness, believe the truth, Tough times matter, with friends to follow through.   Fake promises, half lies, when the world was collapsing, you blackened up my sky.   Believed in those days, believed in you, can't recognize you anymore, I'm left alone without no clue.        

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